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The great experience of your event starts before the doors open. The RSVP App gives event creators a platform to manage event registrations with multiple locations, times, dates, and ticket types!

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We’ve thought a lot about this …

We’ve spent countless hours asking event creators like you what you’ve always wanted. We pour our energy into creating and refining The RSVP App to be exactly what you need. This is it and it’s built just for you.

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“I want our guests to have a flawless registration experience.”
Melissa Therrien, Communications Coordinator at Eagle Brook Church, @MelissaTherrien

Simple, Responsive Design

Whether you’re creating a single event in one location, or coordinating an event campaign with many locations, dates, and times, The RSVP App provides a simple, responsive, intuitive registration experience your guests can count on.

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Works across desktops, tablets, and mobile
  • Nothing to download, install, or update
  • See events sell out in realtime
Choose a Time
Bryan Laurel
“I want to manage event campaigns that have multiple locations, time slots, and seat types.”
Bryan Laurel, Principal at Syndicate Public Relations, @BryanLaurel
Nested events

Introducing Nested Events

Nested events are perfect for conferences with workshops on different days, event campaigns with multiple locations, and even single events with different time slots. The RSVP App takes the stress out of creating and managing nested events.


It’s a no-brainer for us, but, something other event systems don’t offer. They just don’t know you like we do. #besties #FTW

Tim Schraeder
“I want our event branding to be promoted everywhere.”
Tim Schraeder, Social Media Strategist, @TimSchraeder
Your brand everywhere


Boldly promoting your event’s unique design is a sure way to strengthen awareness and build guest excitement fast.


With our customizable experience your event’s brand is everywhere from the landing page and social media invites, to automated emails and contact info!

  • Landing page customization
  • Brand accent color customization
  • Social media image customization
  • Email template branding
“I want families checking in their children to feel confident and cared for.”
Mike Work, Operations at Youth Specialties@MikeWork

Childcare Registration

No more doors opening 5 minutes into your big event or delaying start times to allow parents to find seats. Enable The RSVP App’s optional child registration feature and eliminate event delays by allowing parents to register their kids for children’s programs ahead of time. An on-time family is a happy family.

The RSVP App Optional Child Registration

BONUS: Event managers can automatically disable child registration

days, hours, or minutes before your event! Yeah, we’ve thought of everything.

Jeff Ponder
“I want to keep our guests updated … even if it’s last-minute.”
Jeff Ponder, Director at White Hat Studios@jeffponder


If details change, you want your guests to know. Quickly notify guests when their event is almost full, or when last-minute information is critical. Make room for your first-time guests by driving regulars to other time slots. With custom email blasts and real-time attendance data you give guests the power to change their plans so you don’t have to.

  • Send segmented, customized email blasts to your guests
  • View event capacity in real-time
  • Guests can change their RSVP anytime
  • Send an automated follow-up email after your event
  • Add an FAQ to your event page
  • Include multiple ways to connect
When details change, keep your guests updated
Ted Vaughn
“I want more insight so I can make better decisions.”
Ted Vaughn, Communications at Slingshot Group@TedVaughn

Registration Analytics

Get all of your data in real-time so you can make the right choices when preparing for your event. Clear and accurate reports that you can share with team members means you can coordinate multi-location events with precision and on the fly. Add a Google Analytics ID and Add This profile to track ad campaigns and social sharing. You’ll never have to guess again.

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You’ve seen some of our biggest features, but, there’s even more!

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